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Nataly Tumsevica was born and studied in school in Riga, Latvia. Then moved to New York City, USA. There she has finished the Business Management major Bachelor's degree at St. John's University, where she played tennis and worked her way to be the #1 player for the team. She has been awarded as the best athlete in the university and granted All Stars Award.Nataly has twice participated in the Orange Bowl tournament in Miami (Junior World Championships). She was highly ranked in Europe also and played for the Latvian National team. Then Nataly has finished her Masters degree studies in the Business Management major with the minor in the Music Business in Moscow. That's why now Nataly is involved and also takes a big part in the management and production of her own music project and other projects. Music, sports and studying been taking up all of Nataly's time all of her life. Nataly speaks Latvian, Russian and English fluently; also speaks some Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages. She participated as a model in the New York Fashion Week, and was also a photo model. Has worked with lots of world famous brands as an ambassador - Chopard, Porsche, MELE furs, Luisa Spagnoli, Nakeid sportswear, others. Nataly has ended 2 courses of acting at the university. She took part in various advertising and film shootings; the most impressive was featuring in the moovie "Deception" with Hugh Jackman and Оwen Macgreagor. Even from a very young age, Nataly was engaged in modern dances and had good choreographic skills, which she shows on the stage. For couple of years has her own dancing school.

Music and singing have always been the major passion of Nataly. She started singing at the age of 8 and when she was 11 years old took part in the competition for young singers "The Morning Star". She became one of the three finalists. In New York, she had won first place in the competition called "The Talent Show". In 2007, she started to write her own songs in English and Russian languages. She always tries to be the best in everything she does and is very determined. With this determination, talent, and hard work, she became a participant of the "The Russian Star Factory"(sort of Russian American Idol). Nataly had been chosen from a selection of 15,000 people that consisted of 7 tours. She became a participant of the popular musical television project of the First Russian channel under the direction of Konstantin and Valery Meladze. Three and a half months of being in the project consisted of daily vocal lessons, choreography, actor's trainings, and master-classes. She was among the finalists and for almost the whole year went on tour to cities of Russia, the CIS countries, Baltics, Distant and Near East, Europe, America and Canada, performing in various stadiums and concert halls. Nataly's song "Beauties Can Do Everything", "Island","Show-business","Won't believe", "Fever, "If you","It's getting hot" and others has taken people's hearts and are still in rotation on the main radio stations as well as the other songs, composed by Nataly and other composers. In the summer of 2008, she has participated as a guest at the prestigious musical competition "The New Wave." Nataly Tumsevica has acquired a lot of admirers worldwide. In her native land, Latvia, Nataly has gained much popularity on both TV and in mass media participating in different shown on TV and radio. In 2009, she has been in the super finals of the Latvian National Eurovision selection and is working hard to win the Eurovision contest. In June 2010, Nataly had a first new solo program presentation in Moscow, Russia and in Jurmala,Latvia in July 2010. On the 23rd of December 2010 Nataly had a first big 2 hour solo Christmas concert with Jazz orchestra in Riga, Latvia. It was a big show with the songs in English,Russian,Latvian,Spanish,Italian,French wit beautiful choreography and special effects. Nataly also has the experience of being a host for different events. She has been working as a host at the different international singing competitions(Atlantic Breeze, Amber Star). Nataly was also making some programs for the Maks Tv Channel,USA. In May 2011 Nataly has recorded a new summer hit song with top London sound-producers and song-writers "FEVER". In June 2011 the music videos for this song was shot in the Capri Island and Sorrento in Italy. In 2013 Nataly has done her second music videos on the song "It's getting hot" in cooperation with American DJ Philippe Charlez. Nice dance music in the beautiful club setting. In 2014 participated in the International Ballroom Dancing Competition " Magic Dance " as a "Dancing with the Stars" guest- performed rumba and sang cover version of the song "Unbreak my heart". There was also made a sensual music video made on this performance. From 2010 Nataly owns her event agency "Royal Events" which is organizing grand balls, charity events and concerts. All charity goes to orphanages, talanted kids. Riga Ball (4 years), Christmas Charity Eve(9 years), New Year's celebrations, Valentine's Day love events and many more are the agency's main priorities. Nataly has her solo albums. She improves her vocals, choreography and stage performance every day as well as performs at the different venues and events. Nataly performs songs in English, Russian, Latvian, Italian, French, Portuguese. Performances are all live with the jazz orchestra or Dj+ saxophone or percussions. Nataly also composes music by herself. Nataly's performance on the stage is always bright, stylish, incendiary, dynamic and at the same time very sensual! Nobody stays indifferent!

From 2015 Nataly plays beach tennis professionally. She is on the Latvian National Beach tennis team. And is in the Top50 in the world rating. Nataly also has her unique line of tennis and beach tennis sportswear in cooperation with London based brand "Nakeid sportswear".


One American musical critic said about Nataly: “Nataly is very artistic and an emotional singer. Her unique mix of Pop and Soul music shows her impressive vocal abilities and many-sided nature. As the singer/author of songs, Nataly is the artist of the Renaissance which represents returning to the essence of recording and the musical art, thus remaining fresh, new and demanded. She is so creative! She can sing, dance, play (as an actress), be a model, and be the leader of TV programs and concerts. Nataly's talent is doubtless. Despite her youth, Nataly exhibits passion and maturity in her music, which well displays her age. Some people simply have "IT", and only IT "clings", forcing people to listen to the music - Nataly definitely has "IT". She is a phenomenon which is revealed day by day...”

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